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Information for your employees, presence at employee meetings

On request, we are present at the works meetings and inform the employees about the significance of the insolvency money and how it can be used to receive the benefit. We explain to your employees which claims are secured by the insolvency money and what the situation is with other claims in insolvency proceedings. We are always ready to answer your questions and those of all parties involved. Our job does not end with the opening of insolvency proceedings.
We work closely together with the employment agencies and coordinate the necessary processes.


Pre-financing and processing of insolvency money

Our team handles the pre-financing of the insolvency money completely in close cooperation with you, the pre-financing bank and the responsible employment agency. The documents necessary for the execution are prepared by us in agreement with the pre-financing bank ready for signature and made available to the contracting parties so that a short-term payment of the insolvency money is guaranteed. If employees cannot participate in pre-financing for legal reasons, we will inform them and provide them with the necessary tools to apply for insolvency money. After completion of the pre-financing, we draw up the insolvency money certificates for forwarding to the employment agencies.
If you wish, we can also bring along a competent partner for the pre-financing of the insolvency money.


Preparation of employment certificates, social security declarations and tax certificates

We prepare all the necessary certificates, taking into account the insolvency-related circumstances, and report these electronically to the responsible collection agencies on your behalf.


Calculation of discontinued wages

We calculate the claims of the employees according to § 55 InsO. Upon request, we will notify the employees, health insurance funds and employment agencies of these and will also prepare the differential wage statement including the corresponding certification.


Exemptions and dismissals

We support you in the preparation of exemptions and notices of termination, obtain the necessary approvals for notices of termination requiring approval and also take care of the notification according to § 17 KSchG for you.


Checking insolvency claims from the employee sector

We support you in the examination of receivables in the area of employees, health insurance funds, professional associations and employment agencies. Talk to us.


Settlement of insolvency claims

We calculate employee-specific insolvency claims for you, taking into account relevant tax and social security deductions, and also handle the associated notifications.


Calculation and settlement of social plan entitlements

We calculate the social plan entitlements for you in accordance with the social plan agreements concluded with the works council in accordance with § 113 InsO. Obtain necessary information from employees and complement the calculation. On request, we will also carry out the accounting taking into account the wage tax deduction.


Preparation and participation of transfer companies

In insolvency proceedings, transfer companies are increasingly used to carry out personnel measures, to restore the profitability of the company and to maintain it in the long term. We can support you in this. Establish contact with transfer companies and provide the data necessary for costing. In coordination with the transfer companies, we also take care of the tripartite contracts.
If you wish, we can also bring along a competent partner to carry out the transfer measures.



We prepare wage statements for you (except construction wages). We’re working with Datev.


Correspondence in the employee area

We take over the correspondence for you in the area of employee and payroll accounting.

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